Polythene ZEHAR Hai


image hereThe HumRahi started its work with effort of our founder Mr. Arunesh Kumar Singh on September 10, 2000 by making the people aware of not using Polythene bags in cities through its Anti-polythene campaigns by means of street play “Polythene Zehar Hai” and by means of road show HumRahi spread awareness among people for the first time in Agra.

In this event, first we organized a road show, road show van was flagged off by Dr. Pankaj mahendru and distributed pamphlets regarding consequences of using polythene in all over Agra and interacted to the shopkeepers of Sadar Bazaar for not using polythene bags and in the evening we performed a street play “Polythene Zehar Hai”. in this play Mr. KamalDeep , Mr. Gurujinder, Ms. Kumkum, Ms. Lovely, Ms. Preeti performed very well. In this programme all the Agra administration including commissioner and Agra Cantonment Borad officers were present there.

After this programme, the Polythene was banned in Sadar Bazaar at that time. This was the huge success of the organization in the social awareness campaigns.