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image hereHumRahi Arts Associaion (An Organisation of social & Cultural Activities) got its foundation on 14th August,2000 by Mr. Arunesh Kumar Singh. By the time Humrahi was founded, various hands worked together to take the Organization new heights and provides it the firmness so that Humrahi was recognized for its activities in The City of Taj, Agra. In that Ex. Joint Secretary of the Organization Mr.Cheenu Jack, Ex. Joint Secretary Ms. KumKum Gupta, Ms. Madhu Dayal and Ms. Rachna Gautam, Ex. Treasurer Mr. Rajeev Kumar Dharmesh and member of Executive council Mr. Vijay Yadav, Mr. Santosh Maurya and Mr. sanjay Sharma played their respective roles very well. Earlier Dr. Pankaj Mahendru was appointed the president of the Organization while Dr. Chitralekha Singh and Dr. Manju Bansal Were appointed vice-president of the Organization.

Presently Mr. Suresh Kumar Singh is the President of the Organization while Dr. Chitralekha Singh is the vice-president of the organization. Ms. Anjali Mishra is presently the General Secretary of the organization while Ms. Sonam verma is secretary. The first branch of HumRahi was inaugurated in December -2008 at Noida. Ms. Aditii Gupta is appointed the secretary of Noida branch, G. Secretary Mr. Sanjeev Shami , Joint secretary Ms. Akanksha Agrawal were appointed for this branch.

Now, Advocate Anwesh Kumar is appointed as legal advisor and Mr. Ganesh Datta is appointed as media coordinator of the organization (HUMRAHI).
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